Reverse Phone Lookup Free

Is a Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory Possible?

Most people who are interested in doing a reverse lookup on a cell phone have the same question: Is there a free reverse cell phone directory floating around somewhere on the World Wide Web? The simple answer is no. However, if you're looking for an integrated, correct, and guaranteed reverse cell phone directory, you are reading in the right place.

While looking for free reverse cell phone directories, you will find some imitations that will promise to allow free cell phone lookups. These websites only provide knowledge of the service provider or the issuing location of a phone number and no information about the owner at all.

Why Isn't There a Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory?

Is there really no such thing as a free reverse cell phone directory? Upon realizing that there are plenty of free reverse lookup sites for landlines but not a single one for cell phones, most people want to know just what the difference is.

The difference is in the classification of the information. Simply put, home telephone numbers are considered public domain information and have been that way for decades. In other words, no permission is needed to publish your number in the telephone book or in an online phone number directory. In fact, if you wanted your name to stay out of a directory or a phone book you may even have to pay a fee to keep your number unlisted.

Since you are charged for every call on a cell phone, cell phone numbers are generally considered more private. It is even illegal for telemarketers to call your cell phone without permission. For all of those reasons, cell phone numbers are usually harder to track down information on.

Will There Ever Be a Free Wireless Directory?

Not too long ago there was some chatter about creating a reverse cell phone directory. In theory, all of the various cell phone carriers would add in their numbers, and the directory would be made available to the public. In reality, the privacy concerns and the inevitable probability of telemarketing calls have caused the concept to be dismissed for now.

However, creating a reverse cell phone directory is entirely possible. The truth of the matter is that it can be done but it depends on lots of effort, since all of the information has to be organized manually from millions of individual records.

Anything that requires so much effort is doubtful to be free of charge. Also, most reverse cell phone directory providers who charge for information just don't have access to a complete database of current information.