Reverse Phone Lookup Free

How To Do An Instant Reverse Phone Lookup

Why do people need a reverse phone lookup service?

You'll probably need a reverse phone lookup service if you have the phone number for a cell phone or landline and want to find the name or address of its owner, assuming that information is not listed in a public white pages, phone book, or similar directory. A service like this has access to private and less available indices and directories from cell phone service providers, landline phone service providers, and so on -- all completely legal. Their databases are updated regularly with newly added and altered data to ensure that they have fresh, up to date information about the owner of nearly every phone line in the USA.

Companies like this are legally bound by agreements they've arranged with the various phone companies which prevents them from distributing the information freely, out of concern for the privacy of their customers. For this recent, most such services require payment by credit card or PayPal in order to sign up with them. This precaution helps prevent their service being used for illegal purposes, such as stalking. And of course, because access to the phone companies' databases costs money, these phone lookup services pass the costs onto their customers to offset these fees. This payment usually takes the form of a nominal subscription fee that you must pay in order to gain access to their information.

Are there any free methods for conducting reverse phone directory lookups?

You may be able to find some of this information yourself by searching public white pages directories, social networking sites, name and address directories, and even performing simple web searches. However, there is no guarantee that such information is up to date or even accurate in the first place, as many are freely editable by the general population, and other sites can provide no source or proof that they are qualified to provide such information. Additionally, many phone numbers are not available at all, mainly when they have been unlisted.

What kind of information can people get using these professional reverse phone lookup sites?

Nearly every lookup service will provide the name and most recent address linked to any number you are interested in. Some provide additional information, such as other members of the household or additional phone numbers.

How do you use a reverse phone lookup service?

In most cases, a lookup service will permit you to query their database to find whether they have the information you are looking for about a specific number. If they do, generally at that point they will allow you to access the information after paying a one-time access fee or signing up for a subscription to use their service. With many companies, once you have made this payment, you will have instant, unlimited access to the use of their service for 6 or 12 months.

What are some of the best reverse lookup companies?

Generally speaking, the bigger, the better. Small companies may not necessary have access to every source of information, every database, the most up to date records, or those of every single phone company in the country. You want to make sure that the reverse phone lookup service has access to as many databases as possible to ensure that they'll be able to help you find the information you need. The cost of a subscription usually varies between $20 and $50, with better companies, the ones with bigger databases of more often updated information, tending to charge the more expensive fees. You should research carefully before you make a decision, including reading reviews of various lookup service providers online to see which companies’ consumers have found the most useful and effective in helping them search.

Is it legal to use these online reverse lookup services?

Yes, the use of reverse lookup services is completely legal as long as the information gained is for personal use, such as reconnecting with old friends, learning unlisted numbers, finding out who's been prank calling at night, and so on. Using the information for certain purposes, mainly business-related (such as telemarketing), is not permitted.