Reverse Phone Lookup Free

Hiring a Private Investigator

Every so often, each of us needs to look up information about a person. Have you lost touch with an old friend, with the only thing you have to go on being an old phone number from years ago? Would you like to learn more about mysterious numbers listed on your shared family phone bill? Or do you just want to get to the bottom of the prank phone calls you've been getting late at night?

You may be tempted to hire a private investigator for these answers, but that isn't really necessary. As a matter of fact, there is a much more affordable way to solve your problem.

Why Turn to a PI?

At one time, private investigators offered regular citizens one of their only means of obtaining information that had proven difficult to locate. Today's massive, powerful sets of databases were not available to them; most people had no idea what a reverse lookup was or what it could be used for. These days, that's not the case at all; investigators are being priced out of the market by the huge supply of information freely available to anyone.

One of biggest problems with hiring a private investigator is price. You are paying them for three different things. You're paying them for their knowledge of where to find the information you seek; fees to pay for access to all of the relevant databases and other search tools; and an hourly rate, for the time they spend looking for your answers. You'll end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to this private investigator for work that you could perform yourself for many times cheaper.

You have access to all of the same databases as the ones that private investigators use. They're all open and available for anyone to use online. And with access to these databases, you also have access to all of the information they contain, including the ability to look up information a person given only their phone number -- exactly the same as private investigators.

Yes, these sites generally require registration, and once that's completed you'll need to enter in the phone number and wait for the results to be returned to you. Even if you wrote yourself a bill for your time, the time spent conducting your search is nothing compared to how long it would take you to describe all the details of this case to a private investigator.

The one thing you might have to pay is a fee for accessing the massive database of information provided by a reverse phone number lookup service. Considering that you would have ended up paying the investigator for three different things, you'll still save a lot of money by eschewing such a service. And because these service providers give you direct access to powerful search tools and massive databases to perform person-specific searches, you will be able to perform your search more effectively than ever before. If you cut out the middleman, you'll be able to find your answers sooner and cheaper.