Reverse Phone Lookup Free

A Guaranteed Way to Do a Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Have you found yourself in need of a way to uncover the owner of a mysterious phone number? If so, then the techniques below are sure to help you.

First off, please understand that these strategies must not be applied to every situation. I ask you to please take into consideration any legal and ethical issues involved (more detail of possible conflicts is outlined below).

The following are a few ways to conduct a reverse cell phone trace for free, and on your own:

First things first, call the phone number in question to obtain the information you are seeking, as if you were conducting your own personal detective work.

Three simple techniques to find out a phone’s owner are as follows:

1. Ask for a Friend

When someone answers your phone call, simply ask for “your friend”, for example Tommy. Once they say “Hello,” you would say “Hello, may I speak to Tommy?” Their response should be “There’s no Tommy here,” or “Tommy who?” You should say, “This isn’t Tommy’s number? I’m sorry, whose number is this?”

The point is to try to trick the person into giving you the information you are seeking without even realizing it.

  • Please do not call from your own phone. Also, if you call from a withheld or blocked number then chances are that you will not get an answer. The smartest strategy is to call from a pay phone or another type of phone in a public area.

2. Disguise Yourself

By this I mean that you could pretend to be someone else calling for an important reason. You have seen movies about an “undercover cop” before right? Well, the same basic principle applies. All you have to do is sound like someone conducting official business and use it to get the information you need.

To be more specific, call the number and tell the person that you are a college student conducting a survey to gather research on a term paper, or that you are the new person that will deliver their Sunday paper and want to make sure you have the correct information. Try to pick something that most people would use. For example, many people have trash service so posing as a local trash man would be a believable and inconspicuous disguise.

When they answer your call you could start by saying, "Hello, I’m Steve Turner calling from United Trash Services. There have been some changes within our company lately especially regarding the normal trash routes. If you wish to continue having our services would you please confirm your name and address for me?"

Try to keep it brief because the longer you are on the line, the more likely it is that you will give away your disguise.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There is much controversy surrounding this investigation method. In many cases, pretending to be someone/something you are not is illegal and is considered fraud. This article and website do NOT recommend using this technique. It has been outlined here as a mere educational tool. It is NEVER suggested that one should impersonate an individual in law enforcement, as it is almost always ILLEGAL.

We also fully recommend consulting an attorney before participating in any questionable activity such as "pretexting" to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is legally allowed.

Please be advised that the legal consequences of fraud are indeed severe.

3. Call and Ask

Before getting in way above your head or potentially incarcerating yourself, why not try this one extremely simple method?

If circumstances permit, all you have to do is call the number and ask the person for their name. It may not be as devious as some of the other techniques but it could be more effective than you think. Why not?

Those were just a few simple ways to acquire information about a person who owns a phone without doing anything too terribly involved.

If for whatever reason these strategies prove ineffective, or if you need to be more discreet, it may be worth the money to you to subscribe to a premium cell phone records database. This should grant you full access to the records you need, along with unlimited searches. It contains data on most cell phone numbers, and the results are usually guaranteed by the provider.